• Three years in!

    This is Ryan's first attempt at writing a blog.  So here goes.  

    I really enjoy hlping my clients achieve their mobility goals.  It has been so satisfying to share in the lives of each person I work with.  Everyone has a story to tell and each mobility issue is unique.  

    I often get asked where am I allowed to drive/ride my scooter.  The answer is drive anywhere a pesdestrian is allowed to walk.  A mobility scooter driver obeys PEDESTRIAN rules of the road. 

    We are not a Bicyucle, car or motorcycle.  We drive on sidewalks or on the ledt side of the road facing traffic.  Being visible helps, some use a hi visibility vest or a flag. Most important is to presume no one can see you at all and drive to avoid them!  

    If there is something you would like to see me chat about on here drop me a line and I will do what I can.   see ya next time



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